Isawa Yutako

Isawa Yutako

Isawa Yutako was a water shugenja of the Phoenix Clan. She fought in the War of Dark Fire. [1]

Fall of Shiro Kuni Edit

In 1171 during the Destroyer War Shiro Kuni was assaulted by the Destroyers. [2] The Crab endured until the arrival of Dragon and Phoenix reinforcements, but the defenders were overwhelmed. The castle contained the Crab knowledge about the Shadowlands and the scrolls were in risk of destruction. raiden's commander, Shiba Rae, convinced Hida Otoya to allow Yutako to transport the scrolls to safety before the Fall of Shiro Kuni. [3]

Researching a Black Scroll Edit

The Master of Water Asako Bairei assigned Yutako to research a scroll used to bind Kyoso no Oni. With the power of the Oni Lord contained on it had become a Black Scroll, known as the Essence of Destruction. Yutako regularly passed judgement with Agasha Asai and Isawa Toshiji, to confirm the scroll did not risk Yutako's soul. If she became tainted, Toshiji had to execute her. [4]

Substituted by another Black Scroll Edit

In 1172 during her investigations she discovered the scroll was already opened, so it was not the Essence of Destruction, it was another unknown Black Scroll instead, an ancient artifact of unknown origin. She passed the information to the Council of Five, who guessed the Scorpion Clan had swapped the scroll with one they owned. The only possible artifact of this kind would be one of the Tomb of the Seven Thunders, the artifact recovered by the Scorpion which they did not ever inform what was, [4] known as the Essence of Jigoku.

Dark Oracle of Fire Edit

When Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire, returned to the Empire and attacked a Dragon castle, Yutako departed to defend the Dragon. [5]

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