Isawa Yoriko 
Isawa Yoriko 
Born: 1125 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kuni Yori 
Siblings: Kuni Fujiko (half)

Isawa Yoriko was a water Tensai of the Phoenix Clan. [1]

Fostered to the Isawa Edit

Born in 1125, Yoriko was the illegitimate daughter of Kuni Yori, who was fostered to the Isawa. The secret of her birth was known among few of the Isawa, and the Elemental Council watched her with great interest and apprehension. In her gempukku she chose Yoriko as her name, a diminutive of Yori, despite she had no idea who was her father [1]

Training Edit

Yoriko was a young prodigy gifted in water magic, but considered unstable by those close to her. [2]

Rogue Shugenja Edit

In 1166 Yoriko disappeared from Phoenix lands the day Iuchiban was defeated in Otosan Uchi. There was one rumor, during the War of Fire and Thunder, of a shugenja in the tattered robes of a Phoenix, face painted white in the style of a Kuni Witch Hunter. [1]

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