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Isawa Yasuko's Inkbrush

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Isawa Yasuko's Inkbrush
Isawa Yasuko
Created by: Isawa Yasuko
First used by: Isawa Yasuko
Currently in the possession of: Lost in the Shadowlands

Isawa Yasuko's Inkbrush was a nemuranai created by the Master of Air Isawa Yaruko. All that it painted came to be. [1]

Abilities Edit

The user fell into a trance, and the paintings came out containing a clouded vision of the future, couched in symbols of the Fortunes. [2]

Tainted Edit

Yasuko came to the Crab lands to aid them against the Shadowlands. Two days after the Crab defeated the minions of Fu Leng in a great battle, Yasuko painted an oni which deadly wounded her. The inkbrush had been tainted during Yasuko's activities, [3] permanently warping its predictions, which only showed futures of oni and maho striking the painter. The pictures acted as a beacon to Shadowlands creatures, attracting them to attack the artist. [2]


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