Isawa Yaruko 
Isawa Yaruko 
Born: 1136 
Died: 1150 
Parents: Isawa Taeruko,
Isawa Hikaru

Isawa Yaruko was the daughter of Isawa Taeruko [1] and Isawa Hikaru. [2]

Early YearsEdit

Yaruko was born the same day as Toturi Tsudao, in 1136. After her father was slain by Yobanjin raiders, Yaruko was arranged to be married to the son of Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Tsukune. [1]

Kidnapping Edit

Yaruko was among the Phoenix children who were kidnapped by the armies of Hantei XVI during the War of Spirits. It was an attempt to force the Phoenix Clan Champion, Shiba Tsukune, to side with the Spirit armies against those of Toturi I. The Steel Chrysanthemum ordered one of the children killed. [3]

Death Edit

Yaruko's Death

Yaruko's Death

Yaruko defied her Dragon captors and was personally killed by Agasha Tamori. The other Phoenix children struck out at their captors and fled. [1]

Yaruko had been the fiancee of Tsukune's son, Shiba Aikune, and her death generated deep resentment from Taeruko toward both Aikune and Isawa Nakamuro, Yaruko's fellow captives, as she saw the pair as having failed to protect her daughter. [3]

Where Yaruko died Edit

Where Yaruko died

Where Yaruko died

Aikune placed flowers upon the marker of her death, and told Nakamuro he loved Yaruko. [4]


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