Isawa Uona 
Isawa Uona 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1128 
Siblings: Several un-named 
Titles: Master of Air

Isawa Uona became Master of Air upon the death of Isawa Eju. Uona had been largely fulfilling the duties of the role for some time due to Master Eju's debilitating illness.

Childhood Edit

Isawa Uona 2

Isawa Uona

Isawa Uona was the youngest daughter of a mediocre Isawa Shugenja. [1] She was a beautiful and skilled girl, so her parents believed that she could bring honor to the clan by becoming a courtier rather than a shugenja. At seven years of age, Uona was sent for training to the Artisan Academy of the Kakita family. While there, she excelled in dance, song, and especially haiku. Her career as an artisan seemed certain. [2]

Childfriends Edit

Uona, Shiba Tsukune, and Kitsu Koji were almost inseparable since childhood. They spent many summer seasons under the care of Bashiko, and in winter time Tsukune returned to be trained with the Lion Clan, while Uona and Koji were taught by old sensei Isawa Gaoshi. [3]

Changing Plans Edit

In 1117 [1] Uona's time with the Crane artisans came to an abrupt end when she met Asahina Tomo, the aged Crane Clan master shugenja. Tomo recognized within Uona a dormant but potent magical ability. He brought Uona to a ritual that should have awakend the dormant kami around her. The ritual succeeded, but released far more power than the aged Crane had anticipated. The spirits carried her aloft to high above the ground and told her directly secrets the Crane would never understand. The kami then sat Uona back on the ground and raced northward to tell the dying Isawa Eju that his replacement had been found. [4]

True Love Edit

By the time Uona celebrated her eighteenth year, she had returned permanently to the Phoenix lands. Eventually, just before New Year, the trio of friends exchanged gifts, prior to take the duties that would separate them. Koji gave Uona a translocation spell, while Tsukune gave her a silvered tanto, which had been given by her father in his deathbed. Later this year Koji would return permanently to his father's side, to join the Lion Clan Army. He told Uona that Tsukune had rejected to become his wife. Unknown to him, Uona was heartbroken, because she had loved Koji, and wished he would ask her to marry, instead to their common friend. [3]

Uona the Tensai Edit

The Crane were obligated at that point to release Uona from her vows to them and return her to the Phoenix Clan. Uona became Master Eju's apprentice, and she served him for many years before his death. As his condition worsened, Uona took on more and more of the responsiblities of the Master as he became unable to fulfil them. [5]

Setsuban Tournament Edit

Isawa Uona 4

Uona at the Setsuban tournament

Uona was the winner of the annual Setsuban Festival Tournament at Ki-Rin's Shrine, which demonstrated the ability of the shugenja in the presence of the Elemental Masters. [6] Uona was apprentice to Isawa Tomo, the Master of Water. [7]

Asako winter court Edit

Uona attended the Asako winter court at Shiro Gisu, where her champion's heir, Shiba Himitsu, was found murdered. [8] Uona represented her clan in the trial against the supposed murderer, Kyuden. [9]

Personality Development Edit

The sudden attention to Isawa Uona left her more than a little egotistical. She acted shy outwardly, but inwardly the apprentice was quite proud of her duties and responsibilites, confidently believing that she was the best choice for the position once Master Eju passed away. [citation needed]

Master of Air Edit

Isawa Uona 3

Isawa Uona

Shortly before the Winter Court at Kyuden Seppun in 1123, Eju grew ill, and passed away. Uona was named the Master of Air and member of the Council of Five during the Emperor's court. [10]

Attitudes as Master Edit

Despite the pacifism of the Phoenix Clan, and despite the relatively non-combatant nature of Air magic, Uona once saved a party of Crab scouts from an oni along the River of the Last Stand. The Crab, who were housing her as she searched for the wayward Isawa Tadaka, were impressed both at her power and the control that let her handle the situation without needless violence, thereby maintaining her pacifistic principles. [11]

Challenged Edit

Once Uona was challenged to a duel by Matsu Kaiki. Remembering Uona's aid of the Crab in her brief time on the Carpenter Wall, Hiruma Toju volunteered to act as her champion, killing Kaiki. [12]

Scorpion Coup Edit

When news of the Scorpion Coup arrived to the Council they moved to join the rest of combined clan forces. On day six of the coup the Masters managed to temporarily suppress the Enchanted Wall, allowing the Great Clans to fight their way into the inner city, where the southern gate of the Forbidden Palace was then breached by the Masters. [13]

Corruption Edit

As the Council of Five continued their attempts to understand the Shadowlands and the dark influences spreading across the Empire they sent Isawa Tadaka into the Shadowlands to discover the source of the evil presence. He did not return for months. [14] [15]

Concealing the Secret Edit

In 1125 Tadaka journeyed to the Shadowlands, leaving three Black Scrolls in his chambers at Kyuden Isawa, under the guard of the rest of the Masters. His disappearance from Rokugan was evident when for three times he refused a summons from the Imperial Court. Matsu Hiroru, Tadaka's childhood friend, was concerned about the Masterof Earth's fate, and sneaked into the Palace of the Isawa. There he found a jade and pearl lacquered box which contained the scrolls. Uona confronted Hiroru with words, explaining the evil which was threatening the Empire. Hiroru was shocked after the Master of Air told the Masters had been exposed to the taint. The White Ninja returned the box and left. [16]

Return of Tadaka Edit

In 1126 Tadaka returned, bringing one of the Black Scrolls he had stolen from Yogo Junzo's stronghold, as a tale of Yogo Junzo was marshaling an army to invade the Empire. The Masters sequestered themselves to study the four Black Scrolls in their possesion, to provide the knowledge to defeat the Shadowlands. Isawa Kaede, the Master of Void, refused to join them. [17]

Fighting the Shadowlands Edit

While the Great Clans were preparing for the unavoidable battle to control Otosan Uchi, Uona fought in the Battle of Doro Crossroads under the command of Isawa Tadaka, with the Lion army winning the day against a Shadowlands army, a Toturi's Army, and the Phoenix army. [18]

Unsealing the Scrolls Edit

Uona opens the Dark Divination

Uona opens the Dark Divination Black Scroll

In 1127 Tadaka convinced the Council of Five to start unsealing the Black Scrolls demanding that their hidden secrets be unmasked. [19] Tadaka believed that the only way to halt the impending threat to the Empire was to understand it. And in order to understand it they had to open the Black Scrolls, to learn the dark knowledge contained within. The scrolls will bring the taint to those who read the scrolls, but with what they learn, they would gain the insight required to save the Empire. [20] Uona researched the fifth, Dark Divination. The scroll's Taint turned her face into an unmoving mask whose eyes wept tears of blood. [21] Uona realized that the Second Day of Thunder was coming, and that the new Seven Thunders had to be gathered. [20]

Death of her True Love Edit

Uona tested the Black Scroll to predict the outcome of a duel between her cousin Shiba Tsukune and her own true love, Kitsu Koji. Predicting that Tsukune would win, she tried to magically interfere, using the spell and tanto her friends had given her many years ago. Uona moved to the battlefield, stabbed Tsukune, and returned to Kyuden Isawa instantly. Tsukune, who was performing a non-lethal strike, was interrupted, thrusting her katana into Koji's open throat, causing the death of the man Uona loved. [3]

Effects of the Taint Edit

Uona was heavily deformed by the Black Scroll Dark Divination, covering her features behind a procelain mask. She gained the power to sense Tainted creatures across the Empire. [22] Under the corrupting spell's influence she took the ashen pallor and skeletal countenance of her fellow Master Tadaka. [23]

Confronting Tsukune Edit

In the early winter of 1128, Shiba Tsukune became frustrated with the corruption of Tadaka. She barged through the guards protecting Tadaka no Oni for study and killed the beast with one blow, releasing part of Tadaka's soul. Uona confronted Tsukune, but Tsukune condemned the Elemental Masters for their descent into corruption, regardless of the reward. [24]

Death Edit

Isawa Uona 7

Uona no Shiryo

Uona fought in the assault on Otosan Uchi, using her skills against Emperor's archery. [25] She was killed by the insane Master of Fire Isawa Tsuke in 1128 on the Second Day of Thunder. [26] [27]

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Isawa Uona 6

Isawa Uona

Preceded by:
Isawa Eju
Master of Air
1123 - 1128
Succeeded by:
Agasha Gennai


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