Please note: This article is about the judge betrothed to Asako Tsuruko. For other uses of the term, please see Isawa Toshiji (disambiguation).
Isawa Toshiji 
Isawa Toshiji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Isawa Toshiji was a courtier shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Judge Edit

Toshiji was a merciful and fair judge in the Phoenix provinces. [1]

Betroded Edit

Toshiji was betrothed to Asako Tsuruko, a shugenja who traveled to Dragon to study there. After several years far from his beloved, Toshiji knew [1] in 1166 Tsuruko had died killed by her maddened yojimbo. [2]

Death Edit

Toshiji confronted Kitsuki Otojiro, the magistrate who investigated Tsukuro's murder, in the Ki-Rin's Shrine. Toshiji believed the Dragon had failed to protect their guest. Otojiro retorted and told Toshiji was so completely blind as to overlook the fact that his intended bride was a Bloodspeaker. The Phoenix read an account of Tsukuro's corruption, first by the Bloodspeakers and then by the Bloodsword Fury, written in her own hand, and realized his guilty. Toshiji committed seppuku in less than one week's time. [1]

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