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Isawa Tetsuya 
Isawa Tetsuya 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Elemental Master

Isawa Tetsuya was an Elemental Master of the Phoenix Clan. [1] [2]

Famine and migration Edit

The Dragon of Fire took residence in the mountains of the Great Climb, forcing the Kitsuki and Mirumoto to leave their homes and migrated to Ki-Rin's Shrine, [3] and Kanawa Taki. [4] The Phoenix Clan offered their protection, but the Dragon took the lands for their own, which enraged Tatsuya. [1] Isawa Tetsuya's angry reaction to an impassioned Dragon remark spurred the two clans into war without real cause. [5]The lands were still covered by ashes when the Dragon-Phoenix War began. [6]

Tamori Shaitung Edit

Tetsuya and Shaitung

Tetsuya and Shaitung

Tetsuya hatred for the Dragon Clan targeted young Tamori Shaitung. [2]

Preceded by:
Elemental Master
During the War of Spirits
Succeeded by:


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