Isawa Tenjaku was the Phoenix representative in the Sentaku Tribunal of Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Demeanor Edit

Tenjaku was ruthless, an expert with emotional terrorism. He spotted a person's greatest vulnerability and manipulated events to use it against them. In the end, his enemies were demoralized and could no longer oppose him or take their own lives. [1]

Sentaku Tribunal Edit

Tenjaku was appointed as a member of the Sentaku Tribunal, in representation of the Kanjo district, alongside Kitsu Tanagi and Bayushi Kijensen. Tenjaku worked to gain the political control of the Kanjo district on behalf of the Isawa. [2]

Bid for Power at Kanjo district Edit

The Kanjo governor Shiba Kagi had been married to Isawa Omoko at Isawa's initiative, and later selected as the Kanjo governor. When Kagi realized the Isawa intended to use him as a figurehead, Kagi claimed his right to resign the post and commit seppuku. [3]

Plans Within Plans Edit

Tenjaku unleashed the alternative plan to control Kagi. Once at the Imperial City Omoko had been blackmailed to become the liaison to the oyabun Habu, promising dishonor and the Ritual of Forgetting if she refused. Once she made the contact with the criminal, Tenjaku instructed Tanagi and Kijensen to inform Omoko's beloved husband. The Kanjo Sentaku members offered Kagi their support against the Isawa bid for power, but in return he had to collect evidence against his wife, to bring it to light when the time was right, revealing the Isawa's dishonor, at the cost of the sacrifice of Omoko. In one way or another, Kagi would use the Shiba's own honorable intentions against him, and the other two Sentaku member where unknowing accompliances of his true motivation. [2]

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