Isawa Temple Guardians became protectors of temples and holy sites throughout the Emerald Empire. [1]

Origins Edit

The first Isawa Temple Guardians were the apprentices of Kanshiki, a young shugenja of the Tribe of Isawa who during the War Against Fu Leng had defended a small temple to Ebisu. Kanshiki guessed the holy ground of temples, dedicated to the Fortunes, constituted a part of Ningen-do, and the kami would respond more strongly in such places. Kanshiki spent the rest of his life studying this phenomenon, passing his wisdom onto his followers. They believed temples throughout Rokugan formed a network of spiritual energy, and the earth kami easily moved through these lines. Temple Guardians carried detailed maps of Rokugan, showing the locations of temples and with careful mystical annotations. [2]

Tradition Edit

Admission wass based on personal recommendation, and members always had an affinity for the Element of Earth. Kuni students were allowed to join the teachings. [2]

Training Edit

Long hours meditating in a holy site harmonized their energies with those of the temple, using earth magic to purify, reinforce, and defend the sacred grounds of every temple. Graduates added a torii arch to their original school mon, and they traveled from one temple to another, maintaining and protecting the all holy sites. [2]

Known Technique Edit


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