Isawa Tanata

Isawa Tanata

Isawa Tanata was a weaving maiden taken from her family when Shinjo left for the Burning Sands. [1]

Legend Edit

Legend said Tanata was so fine a weaver that the Fortunes beseeched Shiba to allow her to live forever and weave them clothing. She was not allowed to marry her beloved Akodo Ujihata, a minor member of the Akodo, a simple cowherd. When they died, the Fortunes took them into the heavens and placed them by the River of Stars. Tanata became the Weaver Star, and Ujihata the Cowherd Star. They could see at one another across the star-road, without dishonoring their families. Then, once each year, the two were allowed to be together, during the Festival of the River of Stars. [2]


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