Isawa Takeshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Isawa

Isawa Takeshi was the younger brother of Isawa, though the two were not close. They fought constantly growing up, and Takeshi always ended up as the loser in their fraternal disputes. [1]

Taint Edit

When Isawa left to join the Seven Thunders, Takeshi mocked him, saying that the alliance with the Kami Shiba was not worth Isawa's life. When maho became corrupted, as a result of the battle with Fu Leng, Takeshi became infuriated, but focused. He refused to give in to the corruption of Fu Leng, and spent the rest of his life researching a way to free himself and his magical heritage from the Taint. [2]

Doom Edit

In the end, an experiment gone wrong on the eve of his success led to his doom. Takeshi became Lost, and his loyalties shifted from the Isawa to the Shadowlands. He shared his knowledge with his students, corrupting them as well. Takeshi was slain by his own students, hoping that by ritually slaying him they could expunge the Taint from their bodies. As a yokai, he watched over his 'children', ensuring that they would be guided toward the same dark magics that consumed him. His murderers founded the Bloodspeaker cell the True Sons of Isawa. [2]


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