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RPG Information Edit

Isawa Takashi

Isawa Takashi

Isawa Takashi

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Isawa Shugenja / 3 (Void)
Affinity/Deficiency: Void/None
Honor 6.2
Status 4.5
Glory 6.9
Air 2 Earth 3 Fire 3 Water 3 Void 4
Reflexes 4 Stamina 3 Agility 4 Strength 3
Awareness 2 Willpower 3 Intelligence 3 Perception 3

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Skills Edit

Athletics 3
Battle 3
Calligraphy (Cipher) 3
Investigation 3
Kenjutsu 4
Kyujutsu 4
Lore: Theology 3
Lore: Heraldry 3
Medicine (Wound Treatment) 3
Meditation 4
Spellcraft 3

Spells Edit

Boundless Sight, Flow Through the Void, Sense Void, Drink of Your Essence, The Empty Voice, Moment of Clarity, Void Strike, Jade Strike, Armor of the Earth, Regrow the Wound, Strength of the Tsunami, The Fires From Within, Tail of the Fire Dragon, Tempest of Air, Summoning the Gale.

Major References Edit

  • Unexpected Allies 2, page 50

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