Isawa Taiko 
Isawa Taiko 
Born: 717 
Died: 781 
Titles: Master of Fire

Taiko was a peasant boy who became Kitsu Taiko upon his entering into the Kitsu Shugenja school. When he was offered the Master of Fire station he joined the Phoenix Clan as Isawa Taiko.

Peasant Edit

Taiko was an unassuming babe of peasant birth. When Taiko was very young, his house was attacked by bandits who slaughtered his family. Taiko called forth the spirits of long-dead fires and only remained a blackened pile of rabble where it was his house, his family and the brigands. [1]

Kitsu Edit

Taiko was found by Kitsu, who saw that his affinity with the fire element was very strong. He was taken to Shiro sano Ken Hayai immediately. Taiko entered the Kitsu Shugenja scholl when he was only four years old. His Kitsu blood was too weak to join the Sodan Senzo. [1]

Adult Edit

He supported his clan in many battles, and he made numerous innovations to the knowledge and spellcraft of Fire magic. He used to kill his enemies and later sought their souls to interrogate them. [2]

Master of Fire Edit

At the Battle of Sleeping River, Kitsu Taiko's magic proved to be just as formidable as that of the Elemental Masters, and his deeds there brought him to their attention. [3] When the position of Master of Fire became vacant, the Council of Five decided that no one in their family could fill it better than a Lion, the recently-retired Kitsu Taiko. Taiko left the Lion Clan at the age of 49 and swore fealty to the Phoenix. As Isawa Taiko, he served the Phoenix Clan for fifteen years, until his death in 781. [4]

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Preceded by:
Master of Fire
766 - 781
Succeeded by:

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Various dates of Taiko's assumption of the mantle of Master of Fire have been published. Way of the Phoenix says he was made Master fifteen years prior to his death in 781 (766). Secrets of the Phoenix says he was made Master in 755. Third Edition, Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita page 90, and Secrets of the Lion page 7 say he was made Master in 761. The second date appears to be a mis-typing of the first, and the reason for the third is completely unknown. Because of the inconsistencies, the date originally given is used.


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