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Isawa Taiken

Isawa Taiken

Isawa Taiken was a fire duelist Shugenja of the Phoenix Clan and leader of the Firestorm Legion.

Investigation Rebuked Edit

In 1190 Asako Moeru, an Asako Inquisitor sent to investigate the Scorpion Wall defenses and wards at the behest of the Jade Champion was found murdered alongside all his entourage. The Scorpion blamed their deaths to oni escaped from the Second Festering Pit, and the only survivor was Moeru's yojimbo, Shiba Jikaro, who was outside on another duties. Taiken came to the Scorpion lands to investigate the murder, alongside with Jikaro. They were rebuked by the Western Patrols led by taisa Bayushi Kasumi and his second Bayushi Utoro. [1]

Murderer of Shutai Edit

During the War of the Twins Taiken was appointed as commander of the Firestorm Legion, with Shiba Kataken as his second as commander of the Legion of Flame. In 1192 they moved through the lands of the Crane allies and disguised as a merchant caravan moved north as if they came from the Twilight Mountains, bordering the Yasuki lands. They arrived unmolested to Shutai, a Scorpion village of vice and banditry. Taiken believed that something of value to the Scorpion was found there. The Fall of Shutai was one of the few occasions in which the Firestorm Legion were permitted to unleash their true power, and the village was wiped out, in retribution for the Fall of Kyuden Agasha the previous year. [1] Taiken was known as the Murderer of Shutai. [2]

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