Isawa Suma

Isawa Suma

Isawa Suma was a Shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Scorpion Coup Edit

Suma was part of a unit led by Shiba Tsukune who left the Ekohikei the first day of the Scorpion Coup. In the second day they were met by the Unicorn forces of Shinjo Yokatsu who wished to quickly test the Scorpion defenses. The combined Unicorn-Phoenix force attacked the Outer Northern Wall. The general Bayushi Togai led a Scorpion's Strike platoon, alongside with Bayushi Hisa and his Black Cabal, and Bayushi Tangen with his Bayushi Ambushers, against Shinjo Tashima and his Shinjo's Thunder, Shinjo Mokatsu with his Striders, Shiba Shingo and his Water Elementals, and Isawa Suma with his yojimbo. An entire Shinjo's Thunder squad managed to past the defender, entering into the city with no way back out. [1]

Clan Wars Edit

Suma was an ordinary shugenja who served with the Shiba in safeguarding the Phoenix lands. He cast the Torrential Rain spell during a skirmish with the Lion to provide cover to the withdrawing Phoenix, but he knew it would never last long enough to allow them to escape. Suma threw his will into preserving the scroll, refusing to allow its destruction, but at the cost of a heavy toll. The spell's second casting allowed the Phoenix to escape the Lion. Suma had duplicated his feat on a few occasions, though only in the most dire of circumstances. [2]

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