Isawa Shunsuko 
Isawa Shunsuko 
Born: 1173 
Died: 1199

Isawa Shunsuko was a Water shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Shunsuko was born in 1173, on the day the Empress Iweko I uttered her proclamation to the Spider Clan, and she grew up hearing stories of the adventures to be had in the colonies. Her one fixed ambition was to be granted a position at one of the Second City temples. [1] She was sent to the Phoenix embassy there. [2]

Colonies Edit

After her gempukku Shunsuko quickly distinguished herself in the study of cursed nemuranai and their history. Her sensei sent Shunsuko a season among the Kuni, and she demonstrated her unflappable calm in the face of terrible supernatural threats. Shunsuko was eventually assigned to work with the shugenja in the Second City, the Colonial capital. There she was in constant strain of dealing with one supernatural emergency after another. [3]

Exploring Edit

Pool of True Divination

Shunsuko using the Divination Pool

In 1198 Shunsuko was part of a Phoenix unit who were exploring a region in the Colonies. Stone beasts that broke apart from a mountain destroyed her comrades. She alone survived, crushing them with water from a nearby river, but not before they wounded her grievously. Alone, she found [4] the Pool of True Divination, in the area known as Mirror of the Twins. [5]

Patron Edit

Shunsuko moved to the Empty Plains, where on behalf of her Clan she patroned a settlement of glassblowers [2] known as Shrine to Kurohito. [5]

Siege of the Second City Edit

During the Siege of the Second City, Doji Yoshitada, Kakita Isao, Doji Moro, and Akodo Toshigure were part of the clan delegates who betrayed the governor. They moved to the north wall of the Imperial District and requested the Second City Guardsmen to surrender the city's gate. Arrows fired by the defenders were turned aside by Shunsuko's magic. Shortly after the gate disappeared under the volley of thunder and fire sent by the siege weapons known as Renyu's Wrath. [6]

Conflicts and Death Edit

Esumi defeats Shunsuko

Shunsuko confronts Esumi

Starting a series of strange happenings, Shunsuko killed a doppleganger of herself, made from the Egg of P'an Ku. [7] For an unknown reason Shunsuko had a conflict with a brusque man, Kaiu Esumi. They eventually ended relatively amicably and she was spared. Shunsuko followed with another conflict, and she dueled a deplorable brute of a man named Yoritomo Kanaye. Shunsuko eventually committed seppuku, finishing a series of events which made no sense. [8]

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Shunsuko confronts Kanaye

Shunsuko confronts Kanaye


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