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RPG Information Edit

Isawa Shokuta

Isawa Shokuta

Isawa Shokuta, Heart of the Mountain

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Isawa Tensai (Earth) / 3
Honor 3.0
Status 2.3
Glory 2.5
Air 2 Earth 4 Fire 3 Water 3 Void 3
Reflexes 3 Stamina 4 Agility 3 Strength 4
Awareness 2 Willpower 4 Intelligence 3 Perception 3

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Skills Edit

Athletics 5
Calligraphy 2
Hunting 5
Jiujutsu 4
Lore: History 3
Medicine 4
Meditation 3
Spellcraft 2
Tea Ceremony 1
Theology (Shintao) 2

Kiho Edit

Earth Fist, Heart of Stone, Freezing the Lifeblood.

Spells Edit

Sense, Commune, Summon, Counterspell, Hands of Clay, Tetsubo of Earth, Armor of Earth, Path to Inner Peace, The Fury of Osano-Wo, Sympathetic Energies, Walk Without Passing, Earth's Protection, Wall of Earth, Breath of the Fire Dragon.

Note: spells in italics are Innate Abilities

Major References Edit

  • Masters of Magic, pages 108-109

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