Isawa Shokuta

Isawa Shokuta

Isawa Shokuta, the Heart of the Mountain, was an earth shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Heart of the Mountain Edit

Never a kind or gentle man, Shokuta did not feel at peace among the priests and scholars during his training. A few weeks after his gempukku, he traveled into the mountains and found his place there, mediating in nature. He came to know and master the mountains of the Phoenix lands like no other in history, and while not a socialable man, he would be found from time to time helping lost travelers or defending pilgrims from natures fury. Soon, he would be known by many as the Heart of the Mountain. [1]

Wrath against the Lion Edit

During a sudden storm, Shokuta sat meditating when he heard a call of pain and despair. At first expecting to find a hapless traveler, he was surprised to find a zokujin named Grukat. The creature had escaped captivity from a mine deep in the lands of the Lion Clan.

While Shokuta had heard that zokujin had worked the mines of the Lions, he had not imagined that they had been enslaved to do so. Thus, he set out to bring his wrath upon that clan. [2]

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