Isawa Shijiko was a courtier of the Phoenix Clan, cousin to Isawa Kojiro, who looked down on her for being unable to speak with the kami. [1]

Lobbying Edit

In 1196 Shijiko enlisted the aid of Doji Shunya and Doji Dainagon in elevating Doji Kurohito to the status of Fortune. They also counted with the support of Matsu Kasei, as the Turquoise Champion had told stories of Doji Kurohito at several of the Empress' Winter Courts. Shunya gained the support of the Imperial Families and the Crane koku for the expenses. Eventually the Crane Clan Champion Doji Makoto agreed, and Kurohito became the Fortune of Perfection in the Month of the Dog of 1197. As a sign of the Crane Clan's gratitude to Shijiko and the Phoenix, Makoto asked for a shugenja from her close kin be assigned to the temple for Doji Kurohito. Shijiko selected her cousin as her petty revenge against him. [1]


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