Isawa Seiga

Isawa Seiga

Isawa Seiga was a maho-tsukai bloodspeaker and follower of Asako Kinuye.

Training Edit

Seiga was trained by the Isawa Shugenja school and shortly after his training was completed he encountered Asako Kinuye. He learned to comune with the spirits using there knowledge and insight to add him. [citation needed]

Cultist cell exposed Edit

In 1168 the Master of Water Asako Bairei came to Kinuye to question her. [1] Asako Makito prepared to kill the Elemental Master. [2] Seiga knew it was too late. The work of his Lady had been undone. [3] In the ensuing battle with Kinuye and her followers Bairei barely survived. Following the attacks on Kinuye's cults Seiga fled with Kinuye. Kokujin attracted her to his mad way of enlightenment, and Seiga was nearly killed in the meeting, but he recovered. [1]

Pursued Edit

He was being pursued by Isawa Kimi and her yojimbo Shiba Yoshimi when he came upon the Ruined Keep of Fu Leng. Seiga entered, and bonded with the cursed tower. Kimi and Yoshimi entered the Keep also, to attempt to remove control of it from Seiga. The two barely escaped with their lives, and shortly after the Keep rose from the ground and traveled east through the air, with Seiga still inside. Kimi had used the void kami to alter Seiga in such a way that he could never be a part of the Empire again. Because of his connection to the Keep, the Keep also had to leave the Empire. [4]

Death Edit

After his death his spirit was too strong and convinced him what he was doning. He still gave them his insight to his fellow cultis to add them in there battle ahead and train them. [citation needed]

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