Isawa Sayuri 
Isawa Sayuri 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Isawa Mitako 
Titles: Village Governor

Isawa Sayuri was a remarkably strong Ishiken. [1]

Training Edit

Sayuri studied beside Shiba Ningen in Gisei Toshi, [2] becoming a Reibai. [3]


Though she was once vibrant and outgoing, Sayuri became morose and withdrawn since her twin sister Isawa Mitako became the Oracle of Water. [4] No longer fully human, Mitako barely remembered Sayuri and the bond they shared, but Sayuri felt the loss very deeply. She requested her duty at Road's End Village so that she might be alone to deal with her sorrow. Sayuri was a private, sad woman, whose beauty and sadness enchanted several of the villagers. [5]

Visions of the Future Edit

Sayuri had visions that disturbed her, and after she was left by her sister the nightmares became worse. In one of them she saw one of the disappeared Elemental Masters alive, Shiba Ningen, and his return. [2]

External Links Edit


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