Isawa Sakuno

Isawa Sakuno

Isawa Sakuno was an Asako Inquisitor of the Phoenix Clan who dedicated his life to the destruction of the maho-tsukai, leading Inquisitors sent on hunting out and eradicating maho. [1]

Anvil of Despair Edit

During the Clan War the Phoenix discovered the location of the Anvil of Despair. They immediately sent a small army of Inquisitors was dispatched to take custody of the anvil. [2] Sakuno and Asako Yurito alongside Shiba troops, including his yojimbo Shiba Gojiko, were dispatched to do so. [1] The month after Yurito found the nemuranai. Believing that the Masters could not be trusted with the relic, he decided to destroy it by casting it into a pit of fire at the heart of the Shadowlands, the Amaterasu's Furnace. [3]

Return Edit

Crab forces and his Shadowlands allies led by Yakamo no Oni moved to intercept them, and only the escort of a Unicorn force of Battle Maiden and Moto Fanatics allowed the Phoenix to finish the quest, at the cost of their lifes. [1] The Shadowlands forces, led by Kyojin moved to deny the Phoenix forces further advancement along the Emperor's Road south of the Kaiu Wall, but the Phoenix were able to move the wagon beyond the grasp of Kyojin's horde. [4] Nearly overwhelmed by a great horde of Lesser Oni, his unit of Inquisitors stood fast in defense of the wagon which carried the accursed Anvil of Despair. He had used his staff to increase the magic damage agains the forces of the Shadowlands. [5] Sakuno was one of the few who returned from the secret, desperate mission into the Shadowlands. Upon his return, the Elemental Masters counseled with Sakuno for many hours. [6]

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