Isawa Sakonoko 
Isawa Sakonoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Isawa Sakonoko was a water shugenja inquisitor and magistrate of the Phoenix Clan.

Isawa's Last Wish Edit

Sakonoko was a young man when the Isawa's Last Wish was destroyed. A fragment was embedded in his arm, and he had borne it ever since. [1]

Colonies Edit

Sakanoko was appointed as yojimbo to Inquisitor Asako Kaitoko. In 1198 they moved to the Colonies, and discovered in the jungle aged titanic pillars of stone. The majestic and yet ominous pillars evoked memories of Isawa Tadaka, the second Phoenix Thunder. They left the place to escape from the presence of a group of non-human cratures. [1]

Death Edit

Sakanoko and his yojimbo Shiba Sansesuke were exploring the junge when they were attacked by beasts. They escaped and entered a ruined building, where they found a cache of Kshatriya artifacts, treasures of the samurai of the Ivory Kingdoms. Sakonoko, who had been grievously wounded during the pursuit, died there. He had foresaw that he would die in this place, [1] which would be known as Resting Place of the Last Wish. [2]

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