Isawa Ryuiso 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Elemental Master

Isawa Ryuiso was an Elemental Master, though his element was not recorded.

Bargaining with Iuchiban Edit

Ryuiso was Master during the Battle of Sleeping River, and was instrumental in the Phoenix Clan's attempts to negotiate a truce with Iuchiban. During these negotiations, the Phoenix offered to ally with the Bloodspeakers if they would accept a reasonable compromise and if Iuchiban would abandon his quest to become Emperor. [1]

Slandered Edit

Ryuiso was the example that other clans use to discredit Phoenix pacifism, saying that they would sacrifice even honor and tradition if it would bring peace. [1]


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Preceded by:
Elemental Master
(c. 750)
Succeeded by:

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