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Isawa Oharu 
Isawa Oharu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1170 
Spouse: Asako Itaru

Isawa Oharu was an air shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Peasant Edit

Oharu was born into a peasant family. She was adopted and elevated because of her gifts. [1] Oharu was not as skilled as most of the Phoenix shugenja, but she made offerings all the same. The air kami liked Oharu's dance. [2]

Married Edit

In 1166 Oharu wed Asako Itaru. It was a marriage with no love, but it gave Oharu credibility she did not have because her low-born station. One week later the War of Fire and Thunder began. [1]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

Her yojimbo was Shiba Sakishi, and in 1167 both fought together in the Battle of Broken Waves. Oharu danced to scatter the arrows of the Tsuruchi far from the Shiba Army and protected her kin against the thunder and fire of the Storm Riders. [3]

Her suitor Mizuhiko Edit

Oharu knew her husband Itaru had just died, and shortly after Isawa Mizuhiko, a gifted tensai who was fighting alongside her, approached to express his secret love to her. Oharu did not saw Mizuhiko worthy, second son of a second son, who had a mother who was once a geisha, and refused his love. But Oharu was so sad because her husband's death, that asked Mizuhiko not to leave her alone this night. [1]

Death Edit

Oharu died in the confrontation with the Dark Oracle of Earth Yasuki Nokatsu under Sleeping Thunder Mountain in 1170. She guessed Nokatsu, who was never a shugenja, needed to speak to command the Earth. Oharu used the air kami to expell all air in the Dark Oracle's lungs, buying Isawa Mizuhiko enough time to kill Nokatsu with the Bloodsword Judgement. She could not dance because it would draw the Dark Oracle's attention, but instead gifted the kami in another way. The cost of such a feat was Oharu's life.[3]

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