Isawa Norikazu 
Isawa Norikazu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Isawa Mitori 
Titles: Oracle of Fire

Isawa Norikazu was one of the greatest prophets of the Phoenix Clan and predicted the terrible days of the War Against Shadow and the fall of Onnotangu. He was also known as the Mad Prophet. [1]

Early Years Edit

Childhood Edit

Norikazu's mother died in his childbirth, and he grew up unnoticed in the Isawa Shugenja school. He was childhood friend of Isawa Kaede, daughter of the Master of Void, Isawa Ujina, who was the closest friend of Norikazu's father. [2] As a youth, he was struck with a strange fever that left him frail and weak, and also affected his mind. [1]

Gempukku Edit

During his gempukku he first saw an strange old man, who said "I am watching you. Norikazu." When the shugenja turned, the stranger was gone. However, Isawa Ujina was standing in front of Norikazu, and advised him to avoid that man. [2] The elder was an Oracle, the current Oracle of Fire. [3]

Potential Unleashed Edit

The unassuming shugenja once Norikazu was, had been transformed in a prodigy. He began to train with Ujina's children, Isawa Tadaka, Isawa Tomo and Kaede. Norikazu's father died of a sudden illness, and during the funeral he saw the old man again, who said "It is time for you to leave." Norikazu left and was not seen for years. [2]

Seer Edit

First Visions Edit

When Norikazu returned to the Isawa lands he found Ujina transformed in a Nameless One, a twisted and foul man in tattered robes. The Elemental Master told it was too late and touched the younger Phoenix's forehead. Norikazu saw everything: Ujina's hatred for the Oracles, Shiba kneeling before Isawa, Bayushi Shoju cutting down the 38th Hantei Emperor, a great army of Naga marching on the lands of the Dragon. He saw the Sun and Moon turned to ash and fall from the sky. These visions overwhelmed Norikazu, and since that day he had brief moments of lucidity. Kaede took a personal interest in keeping Norikazu well, and she realized that his eyes became clearer with each passing day. [2]

Clan War Edit

Isawa Norikazu 3

Norikazu, the Seer

Norikazu was a small, dark man with black eyes that seemed to look beyond the world of mortals. He was a powerful and capable shugenja, despite his inner struggles. Norikazu was close to Isawa Kaede, who aided him in his battle to control the voices. As the Clan War began, the demands on Norikazu's faculties increased, to the point that he was almost always accompanied by Kaede. [4]

During the Clan War, Norikazu came to realize that the hallucinations were actually visions of the future. Each time he was visited with a glimpse of the future, his illness grew worse. Norikazu was one of only a handful of Phoenix shugenja to survive Isawa Tsuke's brutal betrayal of the Phoenix Clan on the Day of Thunder and worked in rebuilding the fallen clan's shugenja schools. [1]

Ravings Edit

In 1129, in the month of the Tiger, Isawa Norikazu fell ill for fifteen days and made a number of prophecies, all of which were recorded in Norikazu's Ravings. [5] [6]

When darkness falls over the Empire, two men will ride forth to save it. One man will find his master and the other will kill him. ...the Splendid Emperor will die by his own hand.

War against the Shadow Edit

Isawa Norikazu 2

Isawa Norikazu

Norikazu heard the voice of nothing, and he was aware of the raising danger of the Lying Darkness. [7]

"Fear long shadows, shadows trained to protect, taught to kill."
-Isawa Norikazu [8]

As the War Against the Darkness began, Norikazu's visions became more frequent. Without Norikazu, the armies of the clans would not have begun their march to Oblivion's Gate. [1]

Hitomi Edit

When Hitomi gave to Dangai the Hitomi's Last Gift, a object that Ryoshun would need, Norikazu foresaw that the Tenth Kami would bring the end of the world and a new beginning for the Empire.

Oracle Edit

Near the end of the War Against the Darkness, the Dragon of Fire came to Norikazu and made him the Oracle of Fire. [1] [9] Despite the normal longevity of the Oracles, the same malady that caused his madness eventually would take his life. [10]

One last vision sealed Norikazu's fate. Norikazu saw his brother Isawa Mitori struck down by the same fever that had cursed him with prophecy. He saw his brother die. He passed the power and duties of Oracle of Fire to his brother , and calmly surrendered to the death. [1] His soul went to Realm of Thwarted Destiny [11]

Legion of the Dead Edit

Norikazu Sensei

Norikazu Sensei

In 1166 Norikazu appeared again as part of the Legion of the Dead, to aid in the fight against the Legion of Blood. [1]

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Preceded by:
Oracle of Fire
1133 - ?
Succeeded by:
Isawa Mitori


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