Isawa Nori 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: unknown 
Children: Isawa Uesuko,
one unnamed son

Isawa Nori was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Familiar Nemuranai Edit

Nori had inherited an old nemuranai in the shape of a wide bowl, painted with flowers and cicadas. One of Nori's ancestors had awoken its spirit, but his great-uncle broke the artifact by betraying his lord. Nori hoped that one from his line would sooth the spirit and reawaken it to virtue. [1]

Son Edit

His older son had a respectable position at a nearby temple, and had grown into a sober, thoughtful young scholar. [1]

Daughter Edit

His daughter, Isawa Uesuko had attempted the soothing herself, but her talent was too small and she offended the spirit. This caused the bowl's crack to widen and was a shame for the family. Afterwards, Uesko became ronin and travelled to the Colonies.

Although she had brought shame to him and the family, Nori kept missing his daughter. [1] The rise of the Fudo, the highhandedness of the Crab Clan Champion's brother, and the chaotic conditions of the Colonies worried Nori. In 1198 he sent his retainer Shiba Tamotsu to Journey's End City, where Uesuko was living, but she refused to return back to the Empire. [2]


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