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Isawa Nomi

Isawa Nomi

Isawa Nomi was an Earth Shugenja of the Phoenix Clan. She was the student of the Master of Earth Isawa Sachi, [1] and she was later offered a chance to study with the following Master of Earth, the lecherous Isawa Emori, due to her "magnificent attention to detail". [2]

Sezaru's Madness Edit

During Isawa Sezaru's hunt for Bloodspeakers she was tending a temple at Honored Treaty City. In 1168 the Wolf appeared and she was accused by him of being a maho-tsukai, which she denied vehemently. Her life was spared due to the intervention of Shiba Mirabu. [3]

High Priestess Edit

In 1169, following the Khan's attack on the capital, the Battle of Toshi Ranbo, Shiba Ningen suggested her to Seppun Kiharu as a candidate to replace the High Priest of the High Temple of Toshi Ranbo as the previous high priest had been among the casualities. [2]

Family Edit

Isawa Fosuta was uncle of Nomi. Whe Fosuta joined the Lost, becoming a traitor, his brother hunting him to cleanse the stain of his family, but died before he could destroy the betrayer. [4]

Winter Court 1170 Edit

Nomi was in attendance at the Winter court at Kyuden Bayushi in winter 1170-1171. In 1171 she had been plagued by nightmares about the traitor Isawa Fosuta when she awoke to a vision of Utaku Reyo's heroic sacrifice in the Ki-Rin's Shrine. She painted the image of the Utaku Battle Maiden on top of a Ki-rin with such skill that when Empress Iweko I saw the painting, a single tear fell down her cheek. [4]

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