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Isawa Nodotai

Isawa Nodotai

Isawa Nodotai was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan, a Fire Tensai. All his actions were driven by his True Love towards Matsu Satomi. [1] Shiba Emiri was his Yojimbo. [2]

Falling in Love Edit

Nodotai, who was known for his determination and good cheer, was one of the principal shugenja responsible for Pale Oak Castle's defense. These very qualities caused his lord to select him as liaison to the Lion forces during the Lion-Phoenix treaty. Nodotai found himself thoroughly enthralled by Matsu Satomi, the young sister of Lion Clan Champion Matsu Nimuro. In a matter of days he was fighting alongside the Lion on the field of battle. [1]

Test of the Jade Champion Edit

In 1158 Nodotai was defeated in the contest by Asahina Kimita. He was completely unable to deal with the emotions Kimita had unleashed within him, regarding his secret love. [3]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

In 1159 Nodotai was among the Phoenix who fought in the War of Fire and Snow against the Dragon. Despite he was only an initiate of his school Nodotai single-handely killed three bushi enemies, who were engulfed by his fire magic. [4] Nodotai was relieved to hear that his beloved Satomi left Phoenix lands before Shiba Aikune unleashed his wrath upon their former allies. Nodotai returned to his duties at Pale Oak Castle, but he did not forget her. [1]

Diplomat Edit

Isawa Nodotai 2

Isawa Nodotai

In 1160 Nodotai was in Kyuden Hida as the head of a Phoenix diplomat mission. He was trying to improve the relations between both Clans without too much success. The Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kuon, requested a show of good faith which consisted in to take care of the blessing of roadside shrines, which were unnatended due the multiple compromises of the Crab shugenjas. Nodotai's will was completely demolished for such situation. [2]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

Doji Reju reached Kyuden Hida and gathered Nodatai and his shugenja to march toward Shinsei's Last Hope, which was being attacked by a Shadowlands army. They magically flyed and timely arrived to repel at overwhelming attack of the Tsukuro's army through a breach in the jade walls of the village. Later Hida Kuon came with reinforcements which crushed the remmants enemy forces. One of the village's defender was the Emerald Champion, Yasuki Hachi, and Nodatai requested him to inform of the Phoenix aid, to cement relationships with Crane Clan. Kuon also favored the Phoenix for the aid. Nodotai finally had accomplished his diplomat mission beyond the Council of Five could expect. [5]

Tainted Edit

Rain of Blood Edit

Nodotai in 1165 fell to the taint when he was touched by the Rain of Blood at Toshi no Omoidoso. [6] He went on a rampage, as did many others, and the City of Remembrance had nearly burned to the ground. [7]

Blood Hunt Edit

Nodotai returned to the City of Remembrance to seek his lost love, Satomi, who had fallen to darkness long before. Nodotai's attempt act of terror against the city was frustrated by Togashi Maya. [8]

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