Isawa Nodari 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c.1098 
Children: Isawa Ujina

Isawa Nodari was the father of Isawa Ujina.

Birth of Ujina Edit

Nodari was present during the birth of his son. A white wren flew into the room and was declared to be a bad omen by one of the midwives. Nodari killed the midwife and swore the other to secrecy. [1]

Ujina's Potential Edit

When Ujina was eight years old Nodari was visited by the Master of Void, who declared his intentions to take Ujina as his student. The Master returned three months later and took Ujina, now nine years old, with him. Ujina studied for ten years, returning home to his father when finished. [2]

Ujina's Wife Edit

A year later Ujina met Doji Ninube, the daughter of a neighbouring lord, and the two were engaged to be married. Two months before their wedding Ninube disappeared, and was only recovered with the aid of Kitsuki Kaagi. Unfortunately Ujina was seriously injured in the process, resulting in terrible scarring and the loss of an arm. As soon as Ujina was well enough the two were married, with only the parents at the small ceremony. [3]

Nodari's Decline and Death Edit

Shortly after the wedding Nodari became seriously ill, losing the ability to walk within a month. A month later he could no longer speak. Nodari reviled himself and the cripple that his son had become, and Ujina could sense this through the void. Ninube remained a diligent nursemaid for Nodari, but despite this he died. His fathers death and the revulsion he could sense in others caused Ujina to become a recluse. [3]

Later, when Ujina discovered what his wife had become shortly after the birth of their daughter Isawa Kaede, Ninube revealed that she had poisoned and killed Nodari. Ujina used the void to unmake the creature that had once been his fiance. [4]


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