Isawa Nakajima

Isawa Nakajima

Isawa Nakajima was an earth shugenja of the Phoenix Clan and a member of the Avalanche Guard.

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 he was studying at Shiro Tamori when the inaccesible castle was in risk to be sieged by the bulk of the yobanjin Army of Fire during the War of Dark Fire. Nakajima, and another guest, Usagi Sachiken, grand-nephew of the late Master of Earth Isawa Sachi, left the castle. They were tasked to pass to the Imperial Court several of Tamori family's most sacred works, their greatest research and most important formulae. Shinjo Naota and Utaku Anhui, survivor scouts from the Junghar patrols deployed by the Unicorn Clan in the area, escorted them to safety. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

This year Nakajima was in Last Ridge Village alongside with his yojimbo Shiba Nobuyuki. News came that the yobanjin Army of Fire had assaulted again the Empire and they were arriving to the village. They were approached by Togashi Miyoko, Mirumoto Kenzo and the ronin Hozumi. Miyoko asked their aid to convince her brother Togashi Taro to fight the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire. Nobuyuki met him in the Third Blossom Sake House and Taro departed alone to confront a barbarian legion. He dealt with the yobanjins and the village was saved. [2]

God Beast Edit

In 1172 Nakajima was within Ryoko Owari Toshi when the God Beast of Kali-Ma was unleashed against the Rokugani forces who defended the city. The evacuation began with difficulties, being the exits fully of fleeing men. Nakajima collapsed a city wall to made an opening for a quicker evacuation of the city. On either side of him the wall had rolled itself up like a paper scroll, widening the way without dislodging a single stone. [3]

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