Isawa Nairuko 
Isawa Nairuko 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Moto Kyung-won

Isawa Nairuko was an earth shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Station Edit

Nairuko fought during the War of the Twins. Nairuko was an acolyte who possessed unique insights and tremendous skill, although she can but overcome her more earthly tendencies. [1]

Spiritual Threat to the Empire Edit

Nairuko married to Moto Kyung-won, who joined her family. In 1199 she found a spiritual threat to the Empire, the Moto family had a curse in their bloodline. Anyone of Moto blood drew ill fortune, which they passed to the descendant they bore with the members of other families. Nairuko passed her discovery to Asahina Sodayu, assistant to the Jade Champion Isawa Kaname, who did not find any flaw. Her report was praised by the Elemental Council in front of the Jade Champion. Kaname had already reported it to the Iuchi family, who politely dismissed her, and the Moto rebuffed every of her attempts to approach them. Once the notice was spread the Unicorn considered it a Phoenix insult. Her husband left her behind, rejoining the caln of his birth. [2]

Studying the Moto Curse Edit

Nairuko began to research the Moto Curse, surveyed by the Master of Water himself. In 1200 the Battle of Treacherous Pass was won by the Phoenix. Nairuko presented the terms of peace to the enemy's leader Moto Tadasu. These terms, which would defeat the Moto Curse, a way of living that might free the Moto of their karma, were accepted by the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Naleesh. Nairuko saw her former husband once more, and left the battlefield. [3]

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