Isawa Naigama 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 42

Isawa Naigama was a shugenja appointed at Otosan Uchi during the War Against Fu Leng.

Battle of the Four Winds Edit

When the Shadowlands army attacked the Imperial City in the Battle of Four Winds Naigama conceived and executed and enchantment in the Soutern Wall of the Miwaku Kabe. The substance of the wall dissolved to reveal shadowy figures, each a phantom copy of the attackers. The real demons entered inside the wall, as if nothing was there, just air. Before they reached the other side of the wall to roam free inside the district, the shadowy wall surrounding the oni crystallized, hardening once more and the wall's texture returned. [1]

Death Edit

Naigama had and his pupils were consumed in the process and also swallowed by the wall. The fighting ended and the Fu Leng's army was gone. [1]


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