Isawa Muchito 
Isawa Muchito 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1120 (faked death as Isawa Orimono) 
Siblings: Isawa Tsuke

Isawa Muchito was a very high-ranking member of the Isawa family around the Scorpion Coup.

Family Edit

Muchito was supposedly cousin of an Isawa Daimyo, [1] brother to Isawa Tsuke and uncle of Isawa Hochiu. [2]

Moon cultist Edit

Isawa Muchito 2

Cultist Muchito

Muchito secretly became a Bloodspeaker, a Moon cultist, and used the nickname of Isawa Orimono to conceal his activities. [3] Their hideout was near Bridge of Drunken Lovers. [4]

Dragon Orb Edit

The cult rose in Ryoko Owari from dissatisfaction with the priesthood of the city. Orimono was its leader, [5] and plotted to destroy the Dragon Orb, [6] an artifact blessed by Amaterasu, which was located in the Temple of Amaterasu. [7] In 1120 they forced Shosuro Chizaro to find something which was necessary for that purpose, and Chizaro unleashed an oni, Chizaro no Oni to find it. [8]

Disrupted Ritual Edit

Muchito had gathered Porcelain Masks to rise an army of undead. He expected to march with them during the Bon Festival, mixing the zombies between the disguised citizens which would join the Parade of the Dead, where the people bore death masks as well. [9] The cultist cell was preparing a ritual in Ryoko Owari Toshi with the Dragon Orb, when a group of Crane Magistrates disrupted it. Muchito was faced by Doji Oruku and died. [3]

Bargaining with the Magistrate Edit

During the fight the Oruku had been cursed, and in return for healing him, the Phoenix demanded his silence. So Orimono was the recorded dead, and the name of Muchito was never exposed, and the honor of the Isawa was spared. [3]

Uncovered Edit

Muchito's secret was uncovered by the scholar Asako Bairei. [2]

See also Edit


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