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Isawa Momoko

Isawa Momoko

Isawa Momoko was a fire shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Colonies Edit

Momoko was appointed in the Second City, with Shiba Takesaru as her yojimbo. [1] In the Embassy of the Phoenix where she met the Master of Void Isawa Kimi and the Master of Water Asako Chukage. Momoko taold all she had learned about the teachings of Fudo and the history of the sect's quiet war against the dragon P'an Ku. Kimi sent her to gauge who in the city had been compromised by either the Fudoists or by the Mad Dragon. [2]

Madness of P'an Ku Edit

Momoko was in contact with Asahina Farisu, a Fudoist monk who lived in the Temple District. When an Imperial ambassador was killed by followers of Fudo, an angry mob of heimin and samurai alike moved towards Farisu's temple to set it to fire. Momoko arrived to warn the monks, but Takesaru went mad inside the temple and attacked her. She was saved by a Fudoist who managed to kill Takesaru before the Shiba could strike Momoko. During the escape from the mob she met Farisu and realized the influx of P'an Ku in the events, and that the Fudoists were the antagonists of the mad dragon. [1]

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