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Isawa Mino 
Isawa Mino 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Unnamed sister

Isawa Mino was a shugenja magistrate of the Phoenix Clan.

Dark Covenant of Fire Edit

The Dark Covenant of Fire was guarded by Shiba in the Shrine of the Covenant, within Dragon lands. In 1165 the shrine was attacked and completely destroyed, the guards murdered and the covenant stolen. In the ruins was found a torn ribbon of green and gold cloth. Mino accused the Dragon of the robbery, and sent a letter to Tamori Shiki. The Tamori believed the Phoenix did not protect the nemuranai properly and decided to not let them to guard the covenant again. [1]

Chasing Shiki Edit

Mino raised an army to chase Shiki into Dragon lands. When they met Shiki told his troops had arrived to find the Shrine under attack by a band of maho wielding bandits. They saved the Covenant, but the shrine was destroyed and no Phoenix survived. Mino's sister was one of the murdered guards of the shrine. To defend her honor Mino was near to began a new Dragon-Phoenix war. Mirumoto Masae appeared and made the two generals see reason and reminded them of their honor and duty, and the two armies left the field peacefully. [2]

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  1. Legacy of the Dark Oracle (Dragon vs Phoenix Clan Rivals)
  2. Legacy of Fire, by Rich Wulf

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