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Isawa Michikata was a shugenja Bloodspeaker of the Phoenix Clan.

Bloodspeaker Edit

Michikata one of the members of the True Sons of Isawa cell, and its ruler in 1165, if only because he was the eldest member of the cell. Michikata did not chase the dissolution of the Empire, but a return to the old days of the Tribe of Isawa when Blood Magic was not controlled by Fu Leng. He did not support Iuchiban's quest for power. With Iuchiban returned, Michikata's treachery was ill-timed. [1]

Research Edit

Michikata created an incantation to remove Taint from individual spells, which he called "burning away the darkness." He knew that if luchiban were to find out about his spell, he would be rewarded, but if Iuchiban found out why he created it, he would be dead. [1]


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