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Isawa Masahiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Isawa Sukimi 
Titles: Karo

Isawa Masahiro was the karo of Asako Shizu, the daimyo of Pale Oak Castle. He was also Shizu's liason to the Isawa family. He studied at the Doji Courtier school. [1]

Appearance Edit

Masahiro was a good looking man in his late twenties, albeit a bit plump. He was a loyal servant of Shizu and the Isawa family, and a strong advocate of the Isawa way. [1]

Tournament of the Samurai Edit

Masahiro was selected as one of the judges in the Tournament of the Samurai held at Pale Oak Castle. He was to adjudicate the dance and tea ceremony portions of the competition. [1] At the start of the tournament, Masahiro present the assembled guests with a gift intended for all of them. It was a sculpture of jade, gold and ivory depicting the mons of all the Great Clans and a large Imperial mon in the middle. The intention was that the sculpture would travel from the courts of the Clan Champions, spending each winter at a different court. [2]

Wife Edit

Masahiro's wife, Isawa Sukimi, was a pretty but small and mousey woman. She was a trained shugenja. [1]


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