Isawa Maasaki

Isawa Maasaki

Isawa Maasaki was a impetuous scholar shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Gisei Toshi Edit

Maasakai was stationed on Gisei Toshi to study and catalogue nemuranai and had an assistant, Shingon Tsuken. [1]

Nemuranai Discovered Edit

In 1159 an old Maasaki's associate, Agasha Chunigo, informed him several months ago about a new discovery and the day before the magistrate of the Chunigo's village informed Chunigo's house burnt to the ground. Maasaki suspected a powerful and tainted nemuranai, could be in Phoenix lands and traveled to the village. No tracks were recovered from the house, and they traveled more to the north, toward the ruins of Shiro Chuda. [1]

Chunigo Edit

When they arrived the ruins, two shugenja were fighting, a Moto and a Phoenix Maho-tsukai. After the Moto was killed, the Tsukai uncovered showing a scowling demon mempo, recognized by Tsuken's master as Chunigo. Maasaki attacked the Tsukai, who fled. They informed Shiba Aikune. [1]

Black Scroll Edit

Kitsune Ryosei passed the Tenth Black Scroll, the Walking Horror of Fu Leng, to Isawa Maasaki. It had been recovered from the City of the Lost when Ryosei journeyed there hunting her father, Kitsune Gohei. [2] [3]

Researching Edit

Maasaki was given unrestricted access to the Great Library, an had also been allowed permission to enter and leave Gisei Toshi. Maasaki theorized that it was possible to purify the Black Scrolls now that Fu Leng's mortal essence had been completely purged from Ningen-do. If this could be done, the purified scrolls could bind his essence once again, eliminating the threat he posed to Tengoku. [4] Even after all his work, Masaaki was unwilling to believe he might have purified the lost Black Scroll. [5]

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