Isawa Kuki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named diplomat shugenja 
Spouse: Isawa Ran 
Children: Several un-named 
Titles: Master of the Blue Tiled Room and school

Isawa Kuki was Master of the Blue Tiled Room and school.

Early Years Edit

Kuki moved to Nikesake with his father, a diplomat shugenja. There he became insterested in philosophy, after a discussion with a Unicorn traveler who had been in the Burning Sands, who talked about the Yodotai and their thinkers. Kuki joined the Blue Tiled Room, the local school of philosophy and quickly blossomed his talent. He was sent as ambassador to the courts of the Crane, the Dragon, and the Scorpion. [1]

Family Edit

Kuki married Isawa Ran, who spent much of her time in the gardens of the Twin Shrines. They had several children. [1]

Appearance Edit

Kuki had a long hair, the black shot through with silver, and tied back with silk cord. Kuki dressed well, but tended to be a little careless in his appearance. [1]

Master Edit

At the age of thirty Kuki was selected as the Head of the Blue Tiled Room when its previous Master, Asako Banzan, died from eating ill-prepared fugu. Using his contacts Kuki gathered both promising students and rare documents from across the Empire. Kuki and his school supported the Governor of Nikesake, Shiba Ekken, in almost all things. He backed the Commander of the Provincial Guard, Shiba Seishisai, in discussion, applying his considerable rhetorical skills to support his positions. After twenty years Kuki began to look for a successor. [1]

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