Isawa Koizumi 
Isawa Koizumi 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Emma-O,
un-named Crane,
un-named Isawa (foster father) 
Siblings: Doji Midoru (half) 
Titles: Oracle of Air

Isawa Koizumi was an Air shugenja of the Phoenix Clan and the Oracle of Air in the late 12th century.

The Son of Death Edit

Koizumi was raised as son of an Isawa father and a Crane mother, a singer of great talent. He was sent in 1199 to Garden Under Shadow City where he was met by Bayushi Ahahiko. The Scorpion gossipped about Koizomu's mother, about comments on how she was already round with another man's child when she wed the man Koizomi called father. Eventually he learned from Doji Midoru's spirit that his true father was the Fortune of Death, Emma-O, known for his liking of affairs with beautiful women. Koizumi eventually found the body of Midoru near Kehe Mura, where had died during the Destroyer War. The body received a proper burial, so Midoru's spirit could rest. [1] This revelation lead Koizumi to discover his own semi-divine abilities. [2]

Oracle of Air Edit

In 1200 Koizumi was selected as the new Oracle of Air and attended the Conclave of Light with his fellow Oracles, to discuss about the impending threat of Jigoku upon the mortal realm. The meeting was disturbed by Kokujin Dairu, who killed the monk Oshiryo in the presence of the conclave. The Oracles vanished, to leave the Shadowlands monk without the prize of asking a question to an Oracle. [3]

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Preceded by:
Asahina Aoshi
Oracle of Air
1200 - Present
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