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Isawa Ihara

Isawa Ihara

Isawa Ihara was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Ihara was once a shy, reclusive young woman. After she met Shiba Aikune, and was exposed to the Isawa's Last Wish, Ihara's demeanor turned, becoming an intense, passionate, and temperamental woman, follower of Aikune. At Kyuden Isawa she explained his motives and actions to others among the Isawa. [1]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

Her link to the Wish fuelled his wishes to attack the Ki-Rin's Shrine in the Dragon-Phoenix War, being the shrine selected many centuries ago as the place where the Wish was to be held. [2] When she saw Aikune unleashing its power, she knew it was a mistake, as many Phoenix died alongside with his Dragon opponents, scorched by the power of the nemuranai. Aikune asked her to train in its control, so he could control the Wish properly. [3]

Next Master of Air Edit

Isawa Nakamuro selected Ihara as his replacement as Master of Air if he died during the investigation of the Dark Oracle of Fire. [4]

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