Isawa Hobaru was a brilliant and headstrong scholar of the Phoenix Clan who lived during the 4th century. [1]

Nazo Mori Edit

During his travels he learned about Nazo Mori, and spent more than a year gathering information from the locals. Eventually, Hobaru entered the forest to inspect the ruins within the Nazo Mori, returning several days later with few of his men, all dazed and confused. By their appearance they seemed to have been gone for far longer than a mere few days. After recuperating for three days, Hobaru returned to the ruins announcing he must finish what he had started. Three months later Hobaru appeared simultaneously in all three villages around the forest's edge, Sacred Forest, Iron Heart, and Laughing Plains. He went berserk and killed three villagers in each settlement before self-immolating and burning away. [2]


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