Isawa Hirofumi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Asako Miyo 
Spouse: Isawa Eizan

Shiba Hirofumi was the twin sister of Asako Miyo, and she took the Isawa family name after marrying Isawa Eizan.

Early Life Edit

Hirofumi and her twin sister, Miyo, were discovered as homeless waifs near Kyuden Asako. They showed potential as henshin, being adopted by the Asako. Hirofumi's potential was quickly overshadowed by that of her sister, and eventually she was inducted into the Shiba Tejina academy and adopted by a prominent Shiba family. [1]

Troubles after Marriage Edit

Hirofumi became Isawa Hirofumi after her marriage to Isawa Eizan, a belligerent, abusive and paranoid shugenja, so Hirofumi began to seek a way out of her terrible marriage. In 1126, the night before winter court at Kyuden Asako, the solution came to Miyo in a dream, a prophecy of Eizan laying dead before her. Miyo decided to kill Isawa Eizan, and her sister's magic would help her. [2]

Winter Court - 1126 Edit

Eizan was found murdered during the court and his Lord, the Master of Fire Isawa Tsuke, conducted the investigation. A woman claiming to be Hirofume requested the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Ujimitsu to see the corpse. [3]

Exposed Edit

Miyo was accused as murderer by the Kitsuki Magistrate Agasha Hisojo. Using the Tejina magic they had interchanged their features, and Hirofumi had been witnessed as "Miyo" in the castle's library. The Kuni Daimyo Kuni Yori came with Asako Oyo, an immortal Henshin, giving testimony that Hirofumi and Miyo were twin sisters, so they could had devised a plan to kill the abusive Eizan. As both women denied the accusations, Oyo was put under custody of Tsuke for further testimony. Exposing the secrets of the Path of Man to the Isawa, Yori would create strife between the Isawa and Asako. [4]

Manipulated Edit

The Phoenix weakness would help the quest for power of Yori's Lord, Hida Kisada. Not only Oyo's appearance had been devised by Yori, he had also had summoned shiyokai, the dream demons, that drove the Phoenix twins to murder. [5]

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