Please note: This article is about the husband of [[Master of Earth] Isawa Taeruko. For other uses of the term, please see Hikaru (disambiguation).
Isawa Hikaru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1145 
Spouse: Isawa Taeruko 
Children: Isawa Yaruko

Isawa Hikaru was the husband of Isawa Taeruko and father of Isawa Yaruko.

Family Edit

Shortly after the Battle of Oblivion's Gate he married Isawa Taeruko. [1] [2]

She had a single child, who born the same day as Toturi Tsudao in 1136 Isawa Yaruko. [1]

Death of Hikaru Edit

In 1145 the Acolyte of Earth Isawa Sachi found a smoldering village with many frightened peasants and one half-dead samurai -- his dear friend, Isawa Hikaru. Hikaru had been speared to the ground and would not survive, but before his death, he told Sachi of nearby Yobanjin troops and their movements. Sachi attempted to heal the man, but Hikaru would not allow him to use his magic when the crops, and therefore the lives of the Phoenix Clan were at stake. [2]

Just before his death, Hikaru told Sachi that he knew the shugenja loved his wife Taeruko. Hikaru had known all along, but was not angered. He commended Sachi for putting his Clan first, and admitted that the shugenja had always been his closest friend, despite Sachi's feelings for his wife. When Hikaru died, Sachi was angered past anything he had previously experienced. [2]


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