Isawa Fosuta 
Isawa Fosuta 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Onyx Champion

Isawa Fosuta was a shugenja and inquisitor of the Phoenix Clan. He later became the tainted Onyx Champion of the Spider Clan.

Inquisitor Edit

The Iuchi Daimyo Edit

Isawa Fosuta 2

Isawa Fosuta

During her travels to recover the lost Black Scroll, the Wasting Disease, the Iuchi daimyo Iuchi Yue found herself in the company of Fosuta in 1160, who had infiltrated a cell of bloodspeakers operating in the area. Together, they tracked down and faced Shiba Michirou, but they have arrived too late as he was no longer in the possession of the scroll. [1]

Lion Advisors Edit

Fosuta departed to Shiba provinces where he must deal with a matter of some wayward Lions, [1] the Lion advisors who still remained there after Shiba Aikune attacked them and killed Matsu Shinya, Ikoma Korin, Matsu Watako, and Korin's uncle, Ikoma Fujimaro, who had sought them to escape to Lion lands. [2]

Chasing Bloodspeakers Edit

In 1165 Fosuta was chasing a group of Bloodspeakers in the Isawa Mori. The Maho-tsukai were killing ronin and peasants alike and raisng them as undead. Fosuta met Shiba Ameiko, a samurai-ko guarding the forest, and enlisted her to destroy the cultists. [3]

Ronin Edit

Fosuta evaluated his failing body and sought out a more agreeable solution to the impending end of my life, becoming a tainted ronin. [4] Fosuta tattooed his body, which appeared younger as a gift of his new tainted condition. [5]

Becoming the Onyx Champion Edit

In 1170, the Obsidian Champion Daigotsu Hotako held a tournament in the Shinomen Mori to select the first person to hold the title of Onyx Champion, the chief shugenja of the Spider Clan, responsible not only for the corruption of the Empire, but of converting the people of Rokugan into worshipping Fu Leng. [6]

The day of the tournament, Hotako saw how members of the Chuda family alongside a few bloodspeakers and ronin battled for the position. In the final battle, Fosuta was able to defeat his opponent by using a jade spell, leaving his own hand slightly burned. [4]

Baboon as Batch of Office Edit

Fosuta used to keep a baboon which followed him around and became associated with the fallen Inquisitor. [7]

The Burning of the Shinomen Edit

Fosuta fought alongside the Spider during the burning of the Shinomen Forest after the new Empress Iweko I ordered the purge of the Spider. He used his powers to defeat several members of the Shogun's forces, including Moto Najmudin. However, as a Phoenix contingent arrived to help stop the fire, Fosuta retreated into the trees, leaving his fellow Spider behind, resulting in the death of Daigotsu Junichi at the hands of Matsu Fumiyo. [8]

The War of Dark Fire Edit

Pale Oak Castle Edit

When in 1171 the yobanjin invaders attacked Pale Oak Castle, with the intent of defiling the tree that stood over the grave of Hantei XVII, Fosuta summoned Sentei no Oni to defend his mother's home. [9]

Kyuden Asako Edit

Fosuta killed many of the yobanjin preparing to attack Kyuden Asako. He then asked Akodo Setai to join him. When Setai refused the offer, Fosuta killed half of the Lion Clan troops there as well. [5]

Fu Leng ejected from Jigoku Edit

In 1171 Daigotsu moved to the Fingers of Bone. Kokujin Konetsu studied an encrypted letter that had been sent by Asahina Sekawa but intercepted by Pokku. [10] The lettered stated that the impossible had happened, that Fu Leng had been thrown out of Jigoku and replaced by Kali-Ma as the new avatar and Champion of Jigoku. Once the letter was deciphered, Daigotsu shared this information with Chuda Mishime, Michio, Daigotsu Hotako and Isawa Fosuta. The serch for Fu Leng began. [11]

Chuda Genkei and Daigotsu Minoko found him in a village, and sent word to Daigotsu. [10] He was escorted to the Fingers of Bone and kept in secrecy. [11]

Keeping his post Edit

Fosuta used all resources he had to maintain his post as Onyx Championship. When in 1171 he heard Chuda Serimon was planning to challenge him, Fosuta managed to counteract him. Serimon was able to challenge him in public, but before the fight began Serimon died. Somehow Fosuta had killed him, [12] most possibly poisoning the Chuda. [13]

Defeat Edit

During the Onyx Champion Tournament in 1172, Fosuta was defeated in the final duel by a young shugenja named Takasho who thus gained the title of Onyx Champion. Fosuta fled the Fingers of Bone immediately. His opponent had gained the favor of Katsu, the loyal Khadi of Daigotsu. He had seen that Fosuta was not a truly follower of Daigotsu and did not want him as the Onyx Champion for his Lord, so Katsu was instrumental in the defeat of Fosuta. [13]

Fosuta no Oni Edit

It was not clear what kind of relation had Fosuta no Oni with the fallen Onyx champion. [14]

Death Edit

Fosuta died before the end of the Destroyer War. [15]

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