Isawa Chu-Yeung 
Isawa Chu-Yeung 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Isawa Kyoko 
Children: Un-named daughter

Shinjo Chu-Yeung was a bushi and tactician of the Unicorn Clan. He became Isawa Chu-Yeung through marriage.

Empress proclamation Edit

When the Empress Iweko I entrusted the Mantis Clan to explore the Ivory Kingdoms Chu-Yeung believed the Unicorn were more prepared to deal with, as they used to be the eyes of the Empire outside Rokugan since the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [1]

Married Edit

Chu-Yeung wed Isawa Kyoko, the Phoenix hero of the Battle of Shiro Shiba, and in 1176 the couple had a daughter. [2] Chu-Yeung, a heroic, compassionate, and handsome samurai, came from one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the Shinjo, but the lesser status of the Shinjo family in the Moto-led Unicorn meant that he married into Kyoko's family, rather than her taking his name. Access to Chu-Yeung's resources without costing the Isawa a member, made the marriage very profitable for the Phoenix. [3] Kyoo told him that she would never love him, but eventually Chu-Yeung realized that she could not love anymore. [2]

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