Please note: This article is about the Phoenix patriarch who would origin the Moshi family. For other uses of the term, please see Azami (disambiguation).
Isawa Azami 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Eleven un-named daughters

Isawa Azami was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan. He would be the origin of the matriarchal Moshi family.

Valley of the Centipede Edit

Azami was the patriarch of a small, distant branch of the Isawa family. He became isolated in the Valley of the Centipede, a remote region of the Rokugani coast east of Kiken Roka in the Mountains of Regret. He settled the valley, which was all but completely separated from the Empire. [1]

Centipede Clan Edit

Azami had no sons, but eleven daughters. His death began a tradition of matriarchy among the family that in time became accepted practice. In time, the Otomo led the Emperor to recognize the small family as a Minor Clan. Isawa Moshi, direct descendant of Azami, was granted the family name Moshi and took the name of the first Phoenix lord of the valley, Azami, as her own. Moshi Azami became the first daimyo of the Centipede Clan. [1]


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