Isawa Aruka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123

Isawa Aruka was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Seeking knowledge Edit

Aruka became interested in the powers of Oni and maho, especially after several occasions where he felt slighted by his uncle, Isawa Tadaka, and by the other Elemental Masters. [1] In 1123 Aruka was haunted by dreams which told of a hidden library, still intact in the long time abandoned Black Forest, deep within the Isawa Woodlands. He headed there, and he had not been seen since. [2]

Darkfever Edit

Aruka found a maho spell which could summon an oni. Eager to enslave an Oni traveled back to Shiro Shiba and stole a child for the required sacrifice. Whe he performed the ritual in the abandoned manor, it seemed that nothing happened. Aruka had been tricked by his ancestor Isawa Kuzushi, who had modified the spell. Rather than summoning an Oni Aruka had opened a gateway to Jigoku, where Kuzushi's soul currently was, and a link was forged between the two shugenja. [1]

Carrier of the illness Edit

The link 'infected' Aruka with the Darkfever Plague, but not any shugenja bore the symptoms, only the plague. Each shugenja who came into contact with Aruka became infected, a link in a growing spider's web. Those shugenja, in turn, spread the plague to everyone around them with every spell they cast. When Aruka returned to Shiro Shiba he quickly began the contagion process. [3]

Kuzushi no Oni Edit

Isawa Kuzushi two hundred yers ago had summoned Kuzushi no Oni, and when later he attempted to banish the demon he instead set the oni free. Kuzushi was killed and dragged to Jigoku for eternal torture. Eevntually the oni and Aruka's ancestor had bargained, so Kuzushi would recover his freedom if he could gather many souls for the oni. Aruka had been just a necessary tool in Kuzushi's quest for freedom. [1]

Death Edit

Eventually the link with his ancestor killed him, but his corpse became a multiple personality Oni. He returnred to the manor, the only place it could use his powers and abilities, as a screaming undead who howled his frustation and rage. [4] The plague ended when a group of clever Magistrates located and destroyed the Oni, [5] removing the spirit inside Aruka's body, severing the connection with Jigoku. [6]

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