Please note: This article is about the 5th century Master of Fire. For other uses of the term, please see Akio (disambiguation).

Isawa Akio was the Master of Fire in the 5th century.

Defeated Edit

The priestess of Amaterasu Moshi Himiko presented in front of the Emperor a technique which allowed to see through illusions, as well as to soothe any kami who had been disrupted by trickster spirits as the Mujina. When Himiko presented her achievements to the Imperial Court, Akio requested this technique to be taught to him, for further development in the Isawa Shugenja school. Himiko refused, explaining that her technique required a purity and ritual piety found only among women who had dedicated themselves completely to Amaterasu. Akio challenged the priestess to Taryu-jiai, but he was defeated in the duel of magical prowes. The Emperor bestowed official recognition on the order of the Sisters of Sacred Light. [1]

Preceded by:
Master of Fire
5th century
Succeeded by:


  1. Book of Air, pp. 84-85

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